10 Benefits of Being a Woman

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Besides the fact that we have to cope with uncomfortable periodes, us women have to go through a lot. We plan, we worry, we get moody, we overthink things. Oh and did I already mention the pressure of living up to ridiculous beauty standards? Or constantly having to shave almost our entire body?! Even though things aren’t always easy, there are still plenty of reasons to think of why being a woman is so awesome. In honor to celebrate International Women’s Day I’m listing 10 benefits of being a woman. Happy International Women’s Day ladies!

1. We live longer
It is scientifically proven that women live 3.2 years longer than men. Thanks to our better immune system it’s save to say that us women are definitely the stronger sex.

2. We can produce new life
So yeah of course we need a little help with it but we’re still the only ones who can actually give birth to a child.

3. We usually get our way
We just throw in some of our natural charm and smile a little to get things our way. I know that this sounds absolutely horrible but you’ve certainly done it too. Remember when you tried to convince your man to watch “Mean Girls” with you? Or when you practically forced him to go to the mall even though he hates shopping? Well I hate to say it but I told you so.

4. We can vary endlessly
Dresses, jeans, jumpsuits, skirts, curly hair, straight hair, full glam or a no-makeup look. Us women have the luxury to vary endlessly with our clothing, hair and makeup.

5. We pay less for our clothes
Ever noticed how the same plain white shirt costs 10 euros at the ladies department and 15 euros at the men’s department? Not only do we have more choice when it comes down to clothing but we pay less money for it as well.

6. We are smarter
According to psychologist James Flynn women are smarter than men. The female brain adjusts more easily to the complex modern life we’re living in. Also since women multitask all the time, they keep their brain fit and in better condition.

7. We can make ourselves prettier
Whether we want to look more awake or hide any pimples, makeup comes to the rescue. Also when we want to look a bit extra or just experiment with new looks, makeup is always there for us.

8. We get free drinks
And the cool things is that we don’t even have to ask for it.

9. We can multitask
Doing laundry while vacuuming the house, feeding the dog and cooking dinner at the same time? Not a problem at all because us women can multitask like a pro.

10. We are always right
Remember that we are always right and there is no point in arguing about that.

Happy International Women’s Day to all you beautiful ladies!
Until next time! xxx

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