10x Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Tomorrow it is Valentine’s Day again. The most romantic day of the year when you show your loved onces how much you appreciate them. Some people still get really excited for V-Day, while others think of it as nothing more than just shameless commercialism. Why wait for that one day a year to show your affection to the one you love? Of course you should do that every single day but then again there’s nothing wrong with showing that a little extra on Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow but you’re not sure what to do yet, I have ten lovely Valentine’s Day date ideas for you.

1. Hold hands while ice skating
As soon as it starts freezing outside, we are more likely to stay indoors where it’s nice and warm. That’s too bad since there are so many entertaining outdoor activities available during winter season. Ice skating is one of those exciting winter activities that help you stay active and have fun at the same time.

2. Enjoy a relaxing spa day
Take a break from your daily routine while spending the day at the spa together. Spa days aren’t exactly cheap but luckily you can easily have a spa day at home. Light up some scented candles, fill up the tub and give each other sensual massages.

3. Spice things up with a couples dance class
Whether you guys have been together forever or just started dating, dancing is a fun way to (re)connect with each other. Dancing strengthens the bond with your partner since it requires the two of you to work together as a team. Besides, dancing helps both women and men to bring out their sensual side which again can boost the intimacy between one another.

4. Smear each other in paint during a body paint workshop
If a couples dance class isn’t spicy enough for you, then a body paint workshop might be just what you are looking for.

5. Enjoy a night of stand-up comedy
Everyone loves a good laugh and a good sense of humor is one of the most important things people are looking for in a partner. Also stand-up comedy is a great ice breaker and it gives you the opportunity to find out if you guys share the same sense of humor.

6. Netflix and cuddle?
Sometimes you just want to cuddle and watch a Netflix movie instead of Netflix and chill. If you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy, here’s a list of 7 Best Romantic Comedies streaming on Netflix right now.

7. Go out for a candle light dinner
Maybe not the most original date idea but still everybody gotta eat. Book a table at your favorite restaurant or have dinner at a fancy Michelin star restaurant.

8. Prepare a romantic dinner date at home
If you don’t want to go out to a fancy restaurant, you can also prepare a romantic three course dinner at home. Start off with a refreshing salad, then serve a delicious main course and finish with a lovely dessert. These Red Velvet Cake Truffles and Nutella Puff Pastry Hearts are perfect if you’re looking for a last minute dessert.

9. Plan a romantic Valentine’s weekend
If one Valentine’s Day isn’t enough for you, surprise your love with a whole weekend full of romance. How about a spontaneous trip to Paris? Book a nice hotel, drive to Paris and follow these tips for a romantic weekend in Paris.

10. Recreate your first date
What’s more romantic than going back to the time you guys first started dating?! Especially when you have been together for a long time, reliving your first date will make you remember why you fell in love with each other. Talk about all the thoughts and feelings you had during the first date. A fun date night guaranteed!

I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with lots of joy, laughter and love.

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