20x Romantic Scrapbook Ideas

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What better way is there to capture your precious memories than by collecting them into a scrapbook? I have always wanted to do something creative with our pictures so I decided to make a romantic scrapbook of our first five years together. In those five years we made a lot of memories and of course tons of pictures. First I started by buying a very large album, sorting out all our pictures and gathering as many craft supplies as I could get. But then, how do you start scrapbooking? Making each page creative can be quite a big challenge. Honestly, it took me a lot of work but overall I really enjoyed creating this scrapbook. The best part was reliving those good old memories together with my boyfriend.

You can make a scrapbook for any occassion you want. For example you can make one of your vacation or perhaps of your baby’s first year. Holidays, birthdays and weddings are also very popular scrapbook themes. If you’re considering to make a scrapbook for the love of your life but don’t know where to start, I have 20 romantic scrapbook ideas for you that will help you out.

<img src="scrapbook patterned paper.jpeg" alt="scrapbook patterned paper" title="scrapbook patterned paper" />
1. To begin with, use different types of patterned paper and coloured paper to give each scrapbook page an unique look. Of course you can buy your patterned paper but you can also print it from the internet or create it yourself.

<img src="romantic scrapbook layering.jpeg" alt="romantic scrapbook layering" title="romantic scrapbook layering" />
2. Another very popular scrapbook technique out there is layering.

3. Include a “together list” to your scrapbook which is basically a bucketlist for all the things you still wish to do together.

<img src="scrapbook buttons.jpeg" alt="scrapbook buttons" title="scrapbook buttons" />
4. Buttons will add a fun touch and there are numerous ways to incorporate them into your scrapbook.

5. The more different textures and materials you use, the better! Lace, fabrics, glitters, sand, you name it!

6. Bring out your inner Picasso by drawing simple sketches into your scrapbook.

<img src="romantic scrapbook love.jpeg" alt="romantic scrapbook ten things I love about you" title="romantic scrapbook ten things I love about you" />
7. Or you can just print cute images from the internet as well.

8. Incorporating entertaining games will add a playful touch to your scrapbook.

<img src="travel scrapbook .jpeg" alt="scrapbook travel page" title="scrapbook travel page" />
9. For a trip down memory lane save your plane tickets, museum tickets and foreign currency.

10. Use the map of the visited country or the colours of the flag as a background.

11. Alphabet stencils will help you create beautiful letters in no time.

<img src="romantic scrapbook hearts.jpeg" alt="romantic scrapbook hearts" title="romantic scrapbook hearts" />
12. Dedicate a whole page to all the little things you love about the person you’re making the scrapbook for.

13. What better way is there to show your love for a person than with tons of hearts!

<img src="scrapbook flippable tabs.jpeg" alt="scrapbook flippable tabs" title="scrapbook flippable tabs" />
14. Flippable tabs are also a fun way to flip through your scrapbook.

15. Embellish your scrapbook pages by using washi tape. For instance you can create borders, picture frames and birthday flags with it.

<img src="colourful scrapbook.jpeg" alt="colourful scrapbook mini envelopes and sun collage" alt="colourful scrapbook mini envelopes and sun collage" />
16. Fold mini envelopes and of course don’t forget to leave sweet messages inside.

17. You can use as many stickers as you like for this job but then again don’t make it too crazy.

<img src="scrapbook movie ticket stubs.jpeg" alt="scrapbook movie ticket stubs" title="scrapbook movie ticket stubs" />
18. Save your movie ticket stubs and display them into your scrapbook.

<img src="romantic scrapbook party.jpeg" alt="romantic scrapbook party" title="romantic scrapbook party" />
19. Include random quotes and poems for a romantic element to your scrapbook.

<img src="romantic scrapbook different shapes.jpeg" alt="romantic scrapbook different shapes" title="romantic scrapbook different shapes" />
20. Crop your pictures into various shapes like for example: circles, triangles, rectangles, squars, stars or heart shapes.

These were my 20 romantic scrapbook ideas. I certainly hope that these tips were helpful to you and that you’re now ready to start scrapbooking yourself. The most important thing to truly remember is to just have fun with it! Good luck!

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