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Sometimes you just run out of ideas and getting a few sentences on paper can already be a struggle then. That’s when writer’s block strikes. When this happens to me I always like to make a mindmap and write down everything that comes up in my mind. As a result of that I instantly came up with 50 blog post ideas! I thought it would fun to dedicate an entire blog post to it and help you out as well.


1. One of the most common blog posts on every beauty blog are product reviews. People love to read reviews first before they actually buy something.
2. Everyone has a certain routine when it comes down to skincare. Tell your readers about your current skincare routine. Explain what products you’re using, how often you use these products and which steps you take before going to bed every night.
3. If you wear makeup on a daily basis, show how you create your everyday makeup look.
4. Do you like to make your own DIY face masks? Share your favorite ones in a blog post.
5. If you regularly receive products from companies it’s fun to do a unboxing video.
6. Tell about your personal beauty secrets or beauty secrets from your culture.
7. Share your step-by-step eyebrow routine.
8. Create a full makeup look by using only drugstore makeup products.
9. If you are a proud owner of a huge MAC lipstick collection, showcase your MAC lipstick stash Of course including lip swatches!
10. Tell about what products you are currently using in your shower in a “What’s in my bathroom?” blog post.
11. Host a giveaway on your blog.
12. Share your monthly beauty favorites.


13. Just had a successful shopping day? Showcase your new purchases in a shoplog.
14. Make a tutorial where you show how to create elegant hairstyles in (less than) five minutes.
15. Explain about this season’s fashion trends. What colours will be ruling this season? Which patterns, materials and prints will be trending? What’s hot and what’s not anymore?
16. Show your OOTD.
17. A woman can never have too many shoes. Share your shoe stash in a blog post or video.
18. Create wishlists about everything you desire. Birthday wishlists, Beauty wishlists, Interior wishlists etc.
19. Show which things you carry around everyday in a “What’s in my bag?” post.
20. Are you a pro in nail art? Share some of your most creative designs.


21. Tell some fun facts about yourself.
22. Or ask your followers what things they want to know about you and answer them in a Q&A.
23. Do you often read books? Recommend your favorite ones in a post.
24. If Netflix is more your thing, make a list about your favorite series or movies on Netflix.
25. Tell the story about why you started blogging.
26. Share your best product photography tips.
27. Help other bloggers out by sharing blogging tips about writing valueable content, SEO, engagement etc.
28. Talk about your favorite social influencers in the industry.
29. Compare a picture of yourself from now versus 5 years ago. Self-mockery is allowed!


30. Make a list of things to do in <name of city>.
31. Or even better, a list of free things to do in <name of city>.
32. Show which cities/countries are still on your bucketlist.
33. Share a travel journal of your citytrip.
34. Tell about which hotspots you discovered that are definitely worth a visit.
35. Visit an event and write a report about it.
36. Become a tourist in your own city and blog/vlog about it.
37. Share your travel packing checklist.


38. Challenge yourself to make a whole dinner for two for a total of €3.
39. Do the “21 days green smoothie challenge” or “vegan week challenge” and tell about your experience.
40. Share your favorite smoothie recipes.
41. Make a list of healthy snacks you can eat at work.
42. Tell about your guilty pleasures. Is it chocolate? Cake? Ice-cream?
43. Create your version of a classic recipe with a personal twist.


44. Share an interior update.
45. Give tips on how to save money on groceries or the electricity bill.
46. Do you enjoy creating DIY home decorations? Show how to create them in a short tutorial.
47. Share tips for living together with your significant other.
48. Showcase your new house in a home tour.
49. Are there certain life hacks that made things in the house easier? Tell about them in a post.
50. Do you love organizing your home? Share your best organizing tips.

I hope this post gave you inspiration to write new blog posts. One last tip that I have for you is to take advantage of Holidays (such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day). You can write tons of topics about these Holidays. For example, you can write about recipes, must-see movies and gift ideas. Also, on Days of the Year you can find a calender of worldwide events and funny Holidays.

Have fun writing new blog posts.
Until next time! xxx

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