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20x Romantic Scrapbook Ideas

<img src="romantic scrapbook collage.jpeg" alt=" romantic scrapbook collage " title=" romantic scrapbook collage '' />
What better way is there to capture your precious memories than by collecting them into a scrapbook? I have always wanted to do something creative with our pictures so I decided to make a romantic scrapbook of our first five years together. In those five years we made a lot of memories and of course tons of pictures. First I started by buying a very large album, sorting out all our pictures and gathering as many craft supplies as I could get. But then, how do you start scrapbooking? Making each page creative can be quite a big challenge. Honestly, it took me a lot of work but overall I really enjoyed creating this scrapbook. The best part was reliving those good old memories together with my boyfriend.

You can make a scrapbook for any occassion you want. For example you can make one of your vacation or perhaps of your baby’s first year. Holidays, birthdays and weddings are also very popular scrapbook themes. If you’re considering to make a scrapbook for the love of your life but don’t know where to start, I have 20 romantic scrapbook ideas for you that will help you out.
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DIY | Turmeric Face Mask

When the weather is getting colder, it can be really tempting sometimes to turn your heater all the way up. Taking a long hot shower after coming home from work, starts to feel like the best thing in the world. How nice as it sounds, your skin will be less excited about it. During fall and winter season our skin can often feel dry and itchy.

That’s why it’s so important to hydrate our skin as much as possible. By drinking tons of water and moisturizing your skin, you’re already halfway there. But now that summer is over, we really have to prepare ourselves for the cold days. A weekly face mask will give your skin a hydration boost and will protect your skin from external influences. I used to buy my face masks at the drugstore but making them with ingredients that I can find in my kitchen is way more fun! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite DIY face masks: a turmeric face mask.

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DIY | 12x Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

<img src="Couples Memory Game.jpeg" alt="DIY Couples Memory Game" title="DIY Couples Memory Game" />
Still haven’t figured out what to get your boyfriend for this year’s Valentine’s Day? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show your partner how much you love him. Instead of buying him an expensive present, give him something meaningful from the heart. Check out my 12 Valentine’s Day gifts for him that you can all make yourself.

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DIY | Spa Day at Home

During the cold winter days our skin can use some extra care. The winter weather that causes the so called “winter skin” is one thing, but we are also more tempted to turn up the heat and take longer hot showers. Sure we all love the rosy cheeks, but the cracked lips, itchy skin and rough hands are less exciting. That’s why our dry skin deserves a bit more attention during the winter season. But how do we do that? Start by keeping yourself hydrated by using a rich moisturizing body lotion and drinking tons of water. A weekly scrub removes dead skin cells, leaves your skin smooth and gives it a subtle glow. So my advice to you is: Lock yourself up in the bathroom for a few hours and have some me-time with these DIY scrub recipes for a luxury Spa Day at Home.

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DIY | Modern Christmas Centerpiece

December is called the most wonderful time of the year and I totally agree with that!
I just love everything about this month: From decorating the Christmas tree to opening presents with my loved ones, and from watching the same Christmas movies over and over again to having my New Year’s kiss under the beautiful fireworks.

Since Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I like to place lots of subtle Christmas details around the house for that special Christmas feeling. And what’s more fun than shopping for Christmas decorations? Exactly! Making them yourself. It’s not only fun to do, but your Christmas decorations will also be unique and it will probably save you money too!

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