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Foodies Breakfast Rotterdam

<img src="Breakfast.jpeg" alt="Breakfast Table Foodies Breakfast Rotterdam" title="Breakfast Table Foodies Breakfast Rotterdam'' />
Nothing brings foodies together like good food. That absolutely showed at the Foodies Breakfast that I took part in yesterday. It was the first edition of this event where foodies come together to eat and share stories about their love for food. I’ve met a lot of interesting new people and I enjoyed hearing about how some of them already managed to turn their hobby into a succesfull business.
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8x Christmas Gifts For Him under €25

Christmas decorations. Check. Christmas outfit. Check. Christmas gifts. Oops, that one is still on the list. Since Christmas is less than two weeks away I’m guessing you may want some help finding the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones. If you’re done giving lame Christmas presents or don’t want to end up broke this year I have some great ideas in store for you. All these gifts are under €25 and you can shop them online. So you don’t even have to leave the house. In today’s post I’ll be focusing on Christmas gifts for him. All gifts are suitable for your dad, brother or perhaps a boyfriend?! Let’s get started.

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Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival

Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival Collage
Happy Halloween everyone! Last Saturday I went to the Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival. It was my first time going to the Halloween edition of this festival. Well actually, it was my first time going to any Halloween festival ever! So yeah, I was extremely excited! Last week I spent all week trying out some Halloween looks and they turned out better than I could have ever imagined! In case you missed it, you can click here to see the 5 Halloween makeup looks that I created. On the day of the festival I created another Halloween look and also did my cousin’s makeup. I received a lot of compliments and my cousin was very happy with his Halloween look!

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5x Halloween Makeup Looks

Oh my god! Only a few days left till Halloween! Is it just me or are you guys just as excited?! This is the first year I’m actually doing something for Halloween. And I’m already 25 years old! Well the truth is, Halloween in the Netherlands is not so popular as in the United States. So for the first time in my life I created a few Halloween looks and I’m sharing them in this post today. I had so much fun creating these looks but I never thought I was able to this. I guess all those hours of watching Youtube tutorials weren’t such a waste of time after all.. hihi.
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Roushan’s 25th Birthday Party

Hi everyone! Can you believe it’s weekend already?! Before I continue with my very long weekend I’d like to look back to last weekend when we celebrated my love’s 25th birthday party!

Weeks of preparation and on Saturday, May 20th the day was finally there: Roushan’s 25th birthday bash. The big birthday bash was actually my in-laws’ idea cause they really wanted to throw a big party to celebrate their son’s 25th birthday.
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50x Mother’s Day gifts for every budget

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, only one week away to be exact! If you have absolutely no idea what to give your mom this year, I have 50 tips for you to help you out. Your mom deserves to feel special 365 days a year, but on Mother’s Day you should make her feel extra special. You’re probably willing to do anything to make her feel as precious as she is, but sometimes money is just super tight and you have to be creative. That’s why I’ve made a list of 50 Mother’s Day gifts for every budget.

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Huishoudbeurs 2017

<img src="Huishoudbeurs RAI Amsterdam 2017.jpeg" alt="Visitors Huishoudbeurs RAI Amsterdam" title="Visitors Huishoudbeurs RAI Amsterdam'' />
Last Sunday I had a really fun day at the Huishoudbeurs 2017 with my two favorite aunts! The Huishoudbeurs in RAI Amsterdam took place from February 18 till February 26. It was my first time visiting this annual event and I didn’t know what to expect. The reason why I decided to go this year was that I still needed to buy some home appliances and was hoping to score a few nice deals at the Huishoudbeurs. The event actually offered way more than just that!

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Vakantiebeurs 2017

Last Saturday I visited the Vakantiebeurs in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Holland’s biggest annual holiday event that attracts over 100.000 visitors every year. This year the five day event took place from January 11 till January 15. I never visited the Vakantiebeurs before but, since I wasn’t completely sure where to go on vacation this year I thought what the heck?! Why not?! The tv commercial already got me excited, so there I arrived on Saturday at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. I clearly wasn’t the only one who was interested. As I walked in, I immediately felt like I was going on vacation. The Jaarbeurs is a huge complex and the entrace hall kind of reminds me of an airport. There were so many excited people, hostesses who were dressed like flight attendants and See Buy Fly bags everywhere!

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My Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Hi everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year’s with your loved ones. I had a lovely time and I wanted to share some pictures with you guys. A lot of you already know that my boyfriend and I recently bought our first appartment! We’ve been living here for a month now and we absolutely love it! It’s not finished yet, since we’re still waiting for our couch and some furniture. We’re expecting the couch in March so when it’s in, I will definitely share some pictures on the blog of our new home. For now, let’s look back at the Holidays.

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