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Top 5 Must Visit Shopping Malls in Dubai

<img src="Shopping Malls Dubai.jpeg" alt="Shopping Malls Dubai" title="Shopping Malls Dubai'' /> While most shopping malls just offer top brands and good food, Dubai definitely takes the shopping experience to the next level. From an underwater zoo to an indoor ski area. Nothing is too crazy for the extravagant shopping malls of Dubai. Here is my top 5 shopping malls you should absolutely visit when you are in Dubai.

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Christmas vibes in Paris

<img src="collage.jpeg" alt="Collage Paris">
Last week my boyfriend and I spent some lovely days in beautiful Paris. The last time we took a trip to Paris had already been three years ago. So we felt it was high time for a visit again. After all, Paris is always a good idea. For the first time ever we were going to experience Paris during the Holiday season. Can you imagine the City of Lights being even more stunning?!
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10x Things to do in Willemstad Curacao

<img src="Willemstad.jpeg" alt="Collage of Willemstad Curacao>
Willemstad is the capital city of the Carribean island Curacao. The city is divided into two main districts: Punda which means “city” & Otrobanda which means “the other side”. The Queen Emma Bridge across the Saint Anna Bay connects the two parts of the capital city. Whether you prefer to go shopping or rather learn about the culture. There is tons to explore in this colourful city. Today I’m sharing 10 tips on what to do in Willemstad.
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My first time in Groningen

<img src="Canal.jpeg" alt="Canal in Groningen">
Can you believe that I was born and raised in Holland but I never been to Groningen? Well not until last weekend. We were invited to a birthday party in Groningen. Since it’s a 2,5 hour drive my mother-in-law suggested that we book a hotel and spend the night there. None of us never seen the city centre of Groningen before so you can already guess what our plan was for the following beautifully sunny Sunday.
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An amazing week on the beautiful island Curacao

<img src="Smile.jpeg" alt="Fun in Curacao">
Hi, how are you guys doing? It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blogpost cause the last few weeks have been crazy! A lot has changed, but fortunately also in a good way. We decided to take a vacation so we could take a break from everything and relax a little bit. So we booked a super last minute vacation to Curacao and had the best time ever. We stayed at a beautiful resort, the weather was lovely and we also learned about the culture of the beautiful island.
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​5x Authentic Local Food in Ubud

For me one of the most exciting things on vacation is to taste the authentic traditional food. When I was in Bali it sometimes was quite a challenge to find good local restaurants since the island is so touristy. Ubud on the other hand is known as the cultural heart of Bali. Even here you won’t spot the local restaurants on the main street but if you walk further to the side streets, you will find these so called Warung’s. Warung’s are small restaurants run by locals that serve authentic traditional food for local prices. The food here is cooked with fresh ingredients and you’ll find a lot of locals also having dinner here. I’ve made you a list of five places where you can eat delicious local food in Ubud.
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Paon Bali Cooking Class

Joining a cooking class while you’re in Bali is really a must do activity if you’d ask me. There are tons of cooking classes to choose from in Bali. We booked our cooking class during our stay in Ubud. After some research on the internet we decided to sign up for the Paon Bali Cooking Class. Paon means kitchen in Indonesian so it’s sounded like the right place where to learn to cook traditional Balinese food. The reviews were very good plus it’s ranked as the number one cooking class in Bali on the website of TripAdvisor. The Paon Bali Cooking Class provides a morning class and a afternoon class. I highly recommend to book the morning class since it includes a tour at the traditional Ubud market!
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​10x Things to do in Bali

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for not being much active on the blog lately! For the ones that didn’t knew, the reason why I’ve been so off was because I was backpacking in Indonesia for a whole month! Oh my god I had such a good time and I wish I could go back. This week I started working again so I guess we’re back to reality. I have so many nice articles for you in store so let’s start off with this “10x Things to do in Bali” post. If you’re planning to go on a vacation to Bali, keep on reading cause this blogpost might come in handy to you!

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From Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Hi there! If you’re going to Dubai anytime soon, you might also have considered a trip to Abu Dhabi. After seeing and experiencing all the beautiful things of Dubai it was really hard to top that. Like most of you probably, I got my first impression of Abu Dhabi by watching the movie SATC 2. I was desperately searching on the internet for the souk that Miranda and Carrie went to, when I found out that the movie wasn’t even filmed in Abu Dhabi! That was such a bummer! All this time I thought that the movie was shot in Abu Dhabi. Of course, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is magnificent and for the best parties in Abu Dhabi the Corniche Road is the place to be. But, if you’d ask me, visiting Abu Dhabi isn’t really a must-do during your stay in Dubai. If you still are interested in going to Abu Dhabi, I would be happy to tell you how to reach it.

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Travel Journal | Citytrip to Venice

Our time in Milan is over now and we’re of to our last stop: Venezia. Today I’m sharing my travel journal of my time in Venice with you guys. Just like I did with the citytrips to Rome en Milan. If you haven’t read them yet, click here for the full travel journal of Rome and here for the travel journal of Milan.

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