How to clean your makeup brushes

imageA lot of us makeup lovers are willing to spend quite some money on buying the highest quality makeup products to create that flawless look everyone is aiming for. Investing in good makeup brushes can help you achieve that flawless finish. Unfortunately what we often forget is how essential it is to protect our investment and more important.. how essential it is to protect our face.. Do you consistentely make time to clean your makeup brushes? If the answer is no, you will after reading this article.

Cleaning your makeup brushes is so simple and should be a regular part of your beauty routine. Makeup brushes pick up natural oils from your face each time you use them. This way bacteria, oils, dirt and dead skin cells can easily get trapped into the bristles of your brushes. When you keep using the brushes this can lead to clogged pores which can cause some serious acne. Sounds disgusting, right?

imageI also didn’t clean my makeup brushes as often as I actually should have. I used to let my skin tell me when it was time to clean my brushes again. Yes, I know sooo bad! I started to get breakouts and my makeup didn’t apply so smoothly anymore due to the stiffness of the brushes. Deeply cleaning your brushes once every week or every two weeks, will help to prevent these problems. The frequency of cleaning your makeup brushes of course depends on how often you use them. My makeup looks ten times better when I use clean makeup brushes to create my look. The thing that worked for me was to choose a fixed day each week to clean my makeup brushes. This way I couldn’t “forget” to clean them anymore.

There are a variety of brush cleansers on the market but some baby shampoo and lukewarm water will work just as fine, if not better. Not to mention the fact that this method will also save you money!

– Dirty brushes
– Baby shampoo
– Brush egg (you can also use the palm of your hand)
– A piece of paper towel
– A towel

Step 1 – Run the bristles of your brushes through lukewarm water. Make sure you keep the bristles pointing downwards. Try not to get any water near the area where the handle meets the head. This may damage the glue that keeps the bristles together.

imageStep 2 – Apply some baby shampoo on your brush and gently massage the soapy water into the bristles.

Step 3 – Move the brushes from side to side over your brush egg (or the palm of your hand) to get rid of all the dirt.

imageStep 4 – Rinse with lukewarm water and dry your brushes slightly with a piece of paper towel. Afterwards, let your brushes dry completely on a towel.

imageThere you go. As simple as it sounded, now your makeup brushes are clean again in less than 5 minutes. Have fun creating more flawless makeup looks!


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