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Today I’ll be reviewing three body washes from the Palmolive Gourmet Body Butter Wash line. Vanilla Pleasure, Strawberry Touch and Chocolate Passion. The Gourmet line has three more washes: Peach Delight, Coconut Joy and Mint Shake.

I love pampering myself from time to time and I’m always looking for new shower gels. Especially for the ones that are sweet scented and come with lots of foam!

Product claims

“The Palmolive Gourmet moisturizing body butter shower creams with their delicious ingredients leaving the skin deliciously scented and the rich velvety consistency will turn your everyday shower into an irresistible experience that indulges body and mind.”

Let’s see if the Palmolive Gourmet Body Butter Wash can live up to all this.


Without even looking at the name, you immediately notice that the product is from the brand Palmolive. They don’t have the most fancy packaging but I love how they always stay true to their brand. I really like the fun colors of the packaging and the appealing names written on it.


The price of the Palmolive Gourmet Body Butter Wash is €3,49 for 250 ml.
You’re probably able to find a much better deal on this product cause the local drugstores (in Holland, I’m not sure about other countries) often have big discounts. The best deal I’ve spotted so far was the Palmolive Gourmet Body Butter Wash (250 ml) for only €1! So do your research ladies and save yourself some money!


The formula is very rich and creamy and foams very well.


All the body washes smell very sweet. It’s like you’re about to shower in ice-cream. Hmmm.. love it!


The rich and creamy formula hydrates my skin very well and leaves it feeling soft and silky. I love how well the body washes foam, it gives you a luxurious shower experience. When you smell the body washes they all seem to have a very high fragrance concentration. But when you wash off the body wash you also wash of most of the fragrance. You can barely smell the fragrance on your skin once washed off. This was a big disappointment for me cause we all shower to smell good, right?

Strawberry Touch
This one reminded me of frozen yoghurt with strawberry ice-cream.

Vanilla Pleasure
I thought this one was going to be my favorite cause I love the scent of vanilla. The fragrance of this body wash smelled great, but I had to try really hard to actually smell the vanilla on my skin once washed off.

Chocolate Passion
Surprisingly, I loved this one the most. I love eating chocolate but I don’t always like body products that are chocolate scented. This one turned out to be an exception.


Looking back at the product claims, the Palmolive Gourmet line almost completely lives up to what they promise. The consistency of the body wash is very rich and it moisturizes the skin very well. The Chocolate Passion body wash is my absolute favorite.

The negative point for me is that you can barely smell the fragrance of the body wash when it’s washed off from the skin. The body washes don’t really leave the skin deliciously scented. Because of this point I think that the original price of the product is a bit too high. There are other body washes that offer more product for the same price and will leave your skin smell irresistible even after washing off.

Pros Cons
Sweet scented Scent won’t last
Creamy formula Price
Colorful packaging
Deeply moisturizes the skin

So if you want to try out the Palmolive Gourmet Body Butter Washes search for a good deal. Who would not like to try these cute looking body washes for only €1?! Buying these body washes for the original price is not worth your money.


You can purchase the Palmolive Gourmet Body Butter Washes at your local drugstore and online.

What do you think of the Palmolive Gourmet Body Butter Washes?

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