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Tested | Alvira Charcoal Pore Strips from Action

<img src="Alvira Charcoal Pore Strips.jpeg" alt="Alvira Skin Essentials charcoal pore strips from Action" title="Alvira Skin Essentials charcoal pore strips from Action'' />
Last week I picked up a box of charcoal pore strips from Action. The charcoal pore strips are from Alvira Skin Essentials: a skincare line that offers a extensive range of affordable products for beautiful and healthy-looking skin. Also good to know is that the complete line is dermatologically tested and largely free of parabens.

I heard a lot of good things about charcoal pore strips and after watching so many YouTube videos about it, I just had to try it myself. Especially with having combination skin I regularly get unpleasant surprises from blackheads that keep popping up on my nose. The charcoal pore strips from Alvira Skin Essentials claim to remove blackheads and cleanse pores. I’m very anxious to see if this product works.
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Review | The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

<img src="The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream.jpeg" alt="The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream" title="The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream'' />
Today I’m reviewing one of The Body Shop’s best sellers: the Vitamin E Moisture Cream. I’ve been using this product for a while now so it’s time to share my experience. I have combination skin which means that I mostly have dry skin except for my T-zone. The lightweighted Vitamin E Moisture Cream promises to protect the skin and locks in moisture for 48 hours of hydration without leaving the skin greasy. I will also be reviewing the Vitamin E Eye Cream that I’ve been using as well. The Vitamin E Eye Cream is supposed to hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes and help reduce fine lines and dark circles. According to The Body Shop both products are suitable for all skin types. Well, that all sounds very promising. But can these products live up to their promises? Let’s find out.
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Review | Olaz Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream

For the past few weeks I’ve been testing Olaz’ newest edition, the Olaz Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream. Olaz is the dutch name for the American brand name, Olay. Today I’ll give you a full honest review of this new product that is specially designed for young woman around the age of twenty-five to make the eyes appear brighter and more refreshed.
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DIY | Turmeric Face Mask

When the weather is getting colder, it can be really tempting sometimes to turn your heater all the way up. Taking a long hot shower after coming home from work, starts to feel like the best thing in the world. How nice as it sounds, your skin will be less excited about it. During fall and winter season our skin can often feel dry and itchy.

That’s why it’s so important to hydrate our skin as much as possible. By drinking tons of water and moisturizing your skin, you’re already halfway there. But now that summer is over, we really have to prepare ourselves for the cold days. A weekly face mask will give your skin a hydration boost and will protect your skin from external influences. I used to buy my face masks at the drugstore but making them with ingredients that I can find in my kitchen is way more fun! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite DIY face masks: a turmeric face mask.

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DIY | Spa Day at Home

During the cold winter days our skin can use some extra care. The winter weather that causes the so called “winter skin” is one thing, but we are also more tempted to turn up the heat and take longer hot showers. Sure we all love the rosy cheeks, but the cracked lips, itchy skin and rough hands are less exciting. That’s why our dry skin deserves a bit more attention during the winter season. But how do we do that? Start by keeping yourself hydrated by using a rich moisturizing body lotion and drinking tons of water. A weekly scrub removes dead skin cells, leaves your skin smooth and gives it a subtle glow. So my advice to you is: Lock yourself up in the bathroom for a few hours and have some me-time with these DIY scrub recipes for a luxury Spa Day at Home.

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