Top 5 Must Visit Shopping Malls in Dubai

<img src="Shopping Malls Dubai.jpeg" alt="Shopping Malls Dubai" title="Shopping Malls Dubai'' /> While most shopping malls just offer top brands and good food, Dubai definitely takes the shopping experience to the next level. From an underwater zoo to an indoor ski area. Nothing is too crazy for the extravagant shopping malls of Dubai. Here is my top 5 shopping malls you should absolutely visit when you are in Dubai.

5. Ibn Battuta Mall
Ibn Battuta Mall is the world’s largest themed shopping mall that tells the story of a young explorer. In 1335 a 21-year-old man started his adventure and traveled to Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India, China and Andalusia. During his journey the young man learned, teached, experienced and survived. The entire design of the shopping mall is inspired by the life of this adventurous man which name was Ibn Battuta. Even if it’s only for the beautiful architecture, you should certainly visit this shopping mall.

<img src="Ibn Battuta Mall.jpeg" alt="Ibn Battuta Mall Themed Shopping Mall Dubai" title="Ibn Battuta Mall Themed Shopping Mall Dubai'' />
4. Souk Al Bahar
As soon as you enter the Souk Al Bahar you immediately step into a modern, luxury souk with tons of traditional elements. In this Arabian shopping mall you’ll find culturally-inspired fashion, art, jewellery, carpets and more. Despite that the Souk Al Bahar is situated right opposite the Dubai Mall, both these shopping malls provide a completely different ambiance.

<img src="Souk Al Bahar.jpeg" alt="Souk Al Bahar Arabian Shopping Mall Dubai" title="Souk Al Bahar Arabian Shopping Mall Dubai'' />
3. Dubai Marina Mall
The Dubai Marina Mall is located in the heart of Dubai Marina. Even though it’s relatively small by Dubai standards, it does cover everything you’re searching for in a shopping mall. Besides local boutiques and international brands the Dubai Marina Mall also has a cinema and a kids playground. But the best part is without a doubt the panoramic view on the top floor, where you’ll also find an extensive food court.

<img src="Dubai Marina Mall.jpeg" alt="Dubai Marina Mall Shopping Mall Dubai" title="Dubai Marina Mall Shopping Mall Dubai'' />
2. Mall of the Emirates
The Mall of the Emirates not only belongs to one of the biggest shopping malls in the world, it is also the world’s first shopping resort. Besides the 560+ boutiques, cinema complex, food court and family entertainment center, the Mall of the Emirates is famous for its Ski Dubai. An indoor ski park with 22.500 square meters covered with real snow. Skiing in the desert? Everything is possible in Dubai.

<img src="Mall of the Emirates.jpeg" alt="Mall of the Emirates Shopping Mall Dubai" title="Mall of the Emirates Shopping Mall Dubai'' />
1. Dubai Mall
With a total of 12 million square feet, which is about the same size as 200 soccer pitches, the Dubai Mall is by far the biggest shopping mall in the entire world. Not only does this shopping mall has over 1200 mid-range to high-end shops, it is also situated at the foot of the world’s largest building: the Burj Khalifa. Inside the Dubai Mall you will find an indoor theme park, an ice rink, multiple cinemas and a ten million-litre aquarium tank as well.

<img src="Dubai Mall.jpeg" alt="Dubai Mall Shopping Mall Dubai" title="Dubai Mall Shopping Mall Dubai'' />
As you can see Dubai constantly aims to be the first, the largest and the best in the world. Whether it is about buildings, shopping malls or hotels, Dubai sets the bar extremely high.

If you need a break from the shopping malls, a visit to the traditional Dubai Souks is an excellent idea.

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