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Our time in Milan is over now and we’re of to our last stop: Venezia. Today I’m sharing my travel journal of my time in Venice with you guys. Just like I did with the citytrips to Rome en Milan. If you haven’t read them yet, click here for the full travel journal of Rome and here for the travel journal of Milan.


From Milan we travelled to Venice by train. We booked a hotel in Mestre, which is 20 minutes away from Venice. After check-in and some freshen-up we took the bus to Venice. What a beautiful place! The canals, the music, the bridges.. the city just has this amazing vibe that I can’t really describe!

The first night we just wandered through Venice without having a plan. Walking through the alleys and finding a nice place to eat was the only thing we had to worry about. We weren’t into Italian food that day, since that was about the only thing we ate all week! Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love Italian food, but at home we are used to eating a varied diet. So we decided to have dinner at this nice looking Chinese restaurant. It didn’t take long before our food arrived and it tasted very good. The restaurant was near La Piazza San Marco, Venice’s central square and one of the most famous squares in the world.

We didn’t had dessert so we could still buy some ice-cream later on. I had two scoops of ice-cream. Although, that’s what I had ordered. The lady was so generous, it more looked liked four scoops of ice-cream. The flavours were yummy by the way. I had Oreo and Baileys! After we had some ice-cream, we decided to call it a night.


Today we have planned a trip to the nearby islands, Murano and Burano. We woke up early and took the bus to Venice. From there we had to take the vaporetto.

The vaporetto is the public water bus in Venice. If you want to, you can explore Venice by foot. But, if your plan is to visit the nearby islands, then you have to take the vaporetto. It’s better to buy a day(s) ticket than buying single tickets.
First on our schedule was Murano.

Murano is one of the islands nearby Venice where Venetian glass is made. A must-do when you visit Murano is attending a glass making demonstration. Many glass factories in Murano offer glass making demonstrations for tourists. It’s really fascinating to see how fast the dedicated glass blowers can create the colorful Venetian glass. Watching the glass making demonstration is free, but it’s common to give a tip at the end of the demonstration.

The glass factories also have a shop where you can buy beautiful souvenirs made from authentic Venetian glass. It’s not cheap, but hey, window shopping is free!

There are a lot of shops in Murano where you can buy imitation glass. Not the real deal, but way more affordable. My boyfriend bought me some jewelry in Murano, they are so stunning!
After watching the glass demonstration, we strolled down Murano for a while before we headed to Burano.

I remember being so excited to go visit Burano! This island is famous for its lace making and of course the bright, colorful houses. We actually didn’t do much on this island. After having some lunch, we just wandered to the streets of Burano and of course took tons of pictures!

For the evening we planned a trip to Mestre’s biggest shopping mall. The shopping mall has a lot of stores that sold fashionable Italian clothing for even nicer prices. There was also a food court. After shopping we were so exhausted! We bought a pizza and some wine and brought it with us to the hotel.


On Wednesday we made a day trip to Florence. Want to know how we spent our one day in Florence? Click here for the full post.


It’s the last day of our Italy trip but we still have a whole day in Venice. After check-out and breakfast we headed to Venice with the free shuttle service. We went straight to the Rialto market which is open every Thursday morning.

Unfortunately, the Rialto bridge was under construction so I haven’t been able to see this piece of art in real life. Afterwards we walked to Piazza San Marco. The square was really crowded and it was extremely hot that day.

We planned to visit la Basilica di San Marco but because the line was too long we had to skip it. We spent the rest of the day wandering through Venice and just enjoying the last day of our vacation.

We found a restaurant with a terrace by the water. The perfect spot for our last lunch in Italy. I ordered a lasagna and my boyfriend ordered a pizza with french fries on top.

I’ve never seen anything like that but it didn’t taste bad at all. We had such a fun afternoon. It was really romantic to sit by the water and watch the gondolas float by.

Wondering if we went on a gondola ride? Nope, we didn’t. Why? The main reason is that I think that €80 for a 30 minute gondola ride is ridiculously expensive.

This was my last travel journal of my tour through Italy.
Which travel journal did you enjoyed reading the most?

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